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(212) 243-3700 Stayed here for a night with a few friends. It’s a lovely place with lots of history. However, the guys at the front desks were enormous pricks, who took way too much pride in their job. One guy was bragging about how he was there for 15 years. Yeah, I guess there’s not much for your future if you’re at the same place for 15 years. But he was there, it seemed, to protect the people who lived there. I guess I’d want a egotistical sloping forehead neanderthal protecting my home if I lived at this establishment. At the end of the stay, and as someone who lives in Brooklyn, this wasn’t the best idea we had when we wanted to spend a night in Manhattan. It was fun, and it’s great if you’re an art enthusiast. But man, those guys narcissists behind the desk really hurt the experience. I know they get all kinds of people throwing money at them all the time, and they could care less about my contribution to the payroll, but please, do not use vulgar language in the presence of my 47 year old lady friend. It’s kinda tacky for a place of your establishment. Go visit the Guru in room 724 – it might just change your life. I love this place so much I want to live here. Now if you are into comfy beds, room service, and rooms with no dust, well keep on looking for another hotel. But if you are into history, art, culture, Victorian buildings, and feeling ghost then this is defiantly the place for you. I stayed at a few places during my trip to the east coast and by far this was my favorite. I always stay here when I visit NYC. There is just too much history here to not have an interesting experience. The rooms aren’t cheap, but the artsy rock n’ roll atmosphere will certianly make it worth your while. what incredibly influential person slept in this very room? You’ll never know. If I’m honest, this place wasn’t the best. The room was large, but the shower kept on going cold. It had a lived in, loved, feel, but there were kids toys littering the hallways. And the receptionists were far from friendly. I agree with much of the preceding reviews about the history, charm and chicness of the hotel. My issue was it was filthy and we didn’t get basic services like towels and cleaning the bathroom. When I say no maid service, I mean none for the entire time we stayed at the hotel, three days, notwithstanding repeated requests. The front desk people always ended up getting us our towels. The carpet had recent blood stains & God knows what on the walls. Honestly, I have stayed all over the world at old funky hotels, and they can still be cool if they are clean. If you want to see how it can be done right, visit the Tabard Inn in DC. More prosaicly, we never could get wifi in our room, as promised. We were surprised how this budget and is equipped with old-fashioned. Hotel staff was very helpful and very dedicated. Our room was spacious and clean. I most admired staircase, which was interesting from the funky lobby. Chelsy hotel has excellent location and around it are many shops and cafes. The hotel offers discounted accommodation for the different months of the year. My budget hotel that I love and how it would not be such good money. We stayed for a few days in Hotel Chelsea. We wanted to see the sights, especially Manhattan, Time Square, and several others. The hotel is located in the center. The hotel we stayed and signed up, we are in our room. At the reception we offer rooms for smokers and nonsmokers. The room we had a minibar and a safe for a small fee. My wife attended a sauna and massage which were fully available. The hotel also offered discounts on trips. We were excited to New York and back again. Hotel Chelsea is located in beautiful New York City. View from the hotel is really beautiful. The hotel is close to the airport about 20 minutes. We stayed in a hotel suite for non-smokers. My husband is disabled and the hotel is wheelchair accessible. The room I had satellite TV and fully available, I had the internet was free. The hotel has a pleasant café on the terrace, where a stunning view. Every morning we did an English breakfast. The staff was very pleasant and knew several foreign languages. I have read about the Hotel Chelsea for years and years as an art lover, music lover and lover of all things weird and unusual. I was excited to be going to New York to see Leonard Cohen at the Beacon and decided to stay at the Chelsea because well. he stayed there and wrote a song entitled Chelsea Hotel #2. The Chelsea is legendary and all the most amazing artists stayed or frequented there. The staff was soooooo NICE! The second I got out of my cab, I was greeted warmly and the door was held open for me! WOW! The price was amazingly affordable for Manhattan and the room was simple, but comfortable and not creepy or weird at all. (I was expecting creepy and or weird just because of the stuff that has gone on there and the rumors of hidden passages in the walls and etc) I even loved the shower! I consider myself among the lucky to have stayed in this amazing hotel. I will be back the next time I go to New York. It’s my temporary home away from home! this one’s for you preeti!! because you read my reviews (yay!)

let me try to bring back saturday night. my birthday, we checked in at hotel chelsea, i wasn’t too sure about it so i didn’t make any reservations. because last year to avoid my crazy ‘friend’ we moved from the waldorf astoria to. less said about “broadway inn” the better!
since then, i follow a clear rule – always always always look at the room BEFORE you reserve anything! (or yelp it d’uh!)

1500hours – it’s raining cats n dogs, my birthday is looking blue – so blue
1600 hours – i have a hair appointment – what in gods name do i do with a hair appointment and rain
1700 hours – flirt with hotel chelsea doorman – the world is starting to look a little better, i’m starting to feel a lot better. 1730 hours – check out all the suites, rooms, standards, deluxes, etc and settle for two rooms – both junior suites so that we can all play
my room looks like a rockstar. B’s room is even better rock star looking. 1800 hours – rush out to get hair done and look glam like
1900 hours – hate hair hate rain hate birthday
2000 hours – in fabulous fabulous hotel room. doorman who has worked in the building for donkey years is looking hotter and hotter. he looks drop dead gorgeous when he delivers champagne. courtesy of B! (yay for fabulouso friends!)
2100 hours wasted on champagne. and dancing in B’s room to techno
2200 stoned
2300 trying to make my way to the park penthouse
2330 fought with friends who decided to live the rock star dream by ingesting too many drugs
2331 wishing my birthday was over
2400 birthday over – phew

slept the night – read morning – most comfortably imagining all the rock star hotness seeping in to me. the room, well the room was fabulous. i would recommend it hands down! make sure u get pete to show you the room and please pretty please give him a kiss from me! tell him it was the birthday girl who invited him up after midnight but then totally flaked on him ! The Hotel Chelsea is a wonderfully offbeat hotel that surprised me in both its eccentricity and comfortableness. My room was *crazy* big and not, in fact, so much a hotel room as it was an apartment – bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, several closets, fireplace; and for less than any number of the thousands of mass-produced New York City hotel rooms. I giggled to myself about its maroon walls, funkadelic chandelier and my good fortune. I wished I hadn’t had to waste so much of my time in New York on business, preferring to stay in. Yelpers report this location has closed.

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