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Get updates on new deals and events: Processing. $95 For 20 Classes (a $400 Value) Founded in 2013, Balance. incorporates the principles of yoga, ballet, and Pilates to improve fitness, tone muscles, and reinvigorate the spirit. Yoga – BYB’s yoga classes are conducted in 85 to 95°F, optimizing your cardiovascular health and strengthening your muscles. Choose from Hot Yoga Flow in multiple levels to work up a sweat and burn major calories, or the restorative Yin & Myofascial Release class designed to restore the connective tissues and lengthen your muscles. Pilates – Hot Pilates combines classic Pilates techniques with High Intensity Interval Training to maximize fat burning and muscle toning. You will use small hand weights, a Pilates ball, and Thera bands to work every muscle in your body without any impact on your joints. Barre – This high-energy, low-impact workout creates a slender silhouette associated with a “dancer’s body. ” Choose from Barre, BarreFrenzy (HIIT barre), or BarreFlow (barre followed by Vinyasa & Yin yoga) to meet your fitness needs. Core – This stability and strength class held in mild heat will improve your posture and slim your waistline. High, toned seat, svelte thighs, flat abs, and sculpted arms; Balance. will transform you from head to toe – while giving you an unparalleled confidence boost! You may view the full class schedule here. 5 stars out of 30+ reviews on Yelp, including: “I love this place! they’re a great workout and effective in building up muscles. I also took a few yoga classes with Christy and she is amazing!” “I took my first Hot Yoga Flow class today and all I have to say is I LOVE IT. I got an amazing stretch and boy did I sweat!!! The guided breathing felt so good. I felt so very relaxed the entire time. The heat felt really good in my muscles. ” “I’ve attended their Barre and Hot Yoga Class, both of which kicked some serious ass! it was an hour of upbeat, fun, exciting and kickass moves. There were a handful of times I didn’t think I’d make it to the next set BUT the instructor was so uplifting and motivating!”.

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