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Chris Battistone Ive been trying to get rid of my 2013 Dodge Charger for at least 6-8 months now and have been to multiple dealerships. At least a dozen and I kept getting the same answer. “You owe more then what your vehicle is worth”. Many dealers wouldnt even try to work with me. I received a letter in the mail from Golling of Chelsea at the end of December for incentives so I figured what the heck. I live near by and Ill give it one more try. When I walked in I was approached by a gentleman named Juan Suarez. We sat down and I told him my story. He gave me the same answer. As I was about to stand up and leave he laughed and said “Hold on, dont give up on me yet”. Juan was very understanding and knew I needed help. He asked me several questions about what I was looking for as far as payments and the type of vehicle I needed. We went back and fourth a few times on a couple vehicles but eventually we finally found a vehicle that would suit all of my needs and some. Bear in mind I had visited Juan several times throughout the week and he was very accommodating, understanding, and PATIENT to my busy schedule and special needs. He even gave me his personal cell phone number and we had multiple conversations via text because of my line of work. He never made me feel pressured to do anything. Once we found the vehicle Juan was extremely helpful as far as “getting all of my ducks in a row” to make this deal happen. Throughout the whole experience I was able to get to know Juan on a personal level as well. And at the end I even asked him “how come he was a cars salesman because he was extremely nice and NOT pushy AT ALL”. His response was “Id rather have a deal fall through then to have someone be upset with me”. That answer speaks for itself right there and tells you what kind of person he really is. He even helped me get more money for my trade-in and gave me recommendations for a cheaper vehicle insurance. Bottom line, Juan Suarez is one of thee best salesman I have ever met and is probably one of the best salesman in the area. He isnt your typical car salesman. He actually CARES and wants to help people get what they want/need. Not too mention Juan has an hour and a half commute ONE WAY every single day. He is a very hard worker and will help you to the best of his ability. I will be a lifelong customer of Juan Suarez and Ill be sending all of my friends and family his way. Truly a great man and even better salesman!!! Thank You again my FRIEND!!!

Chris Battistone LOLcandyvlogger 11110 I purchased a used 2014 Durango from Golling and found the service to be horrible. First they failed to get our license plate to us before the temporary tags expired. They offered to mail us our plate to save us a trip back to the dealership but they did not send it with a tracking number and to this day we still have not received the original plate. Upon bringing this to their problem they offered little by way of a solution until three days after the temps expired and the they agreed to overnight a replacement plate. On our first road trip with our Durango we drove south for spring break and quickly discovers that the air conditioning did not work. As part of the purchase I insisted that the Durango be put in the Chrysler Certified Pre Owned program which should have included a 125 point inspection. I am not sure they did they inspection because the Durango has been in the repair shop for a week to repair AC problem. In addition to the AC problem we experienced electrical problems with the entertainment system and potential transmission issues. When they took the car back to work on the AC I gave them also emailed the used car manager detailing the other discrepancies none of which were communicated to the service team until l called to check on the progress. All of this has caused me to lose any faith that the pre Owned inspection was actually completed or that they actually care about service after the sale. Kane Crimson I needed to have my ignition recall done, so i had my vehicle towed in because it would not start. I spoke with Alex prior to service and we both agreed the ignition recall was the reason for my starting problem. Alex decided it was proper procedure to authorize 1 hr of diagnostic labor without my consent. I received a call from Alex who insisted it was not the recall that was causing my starting issue. Even though the vehicle had started for them every time with out fault. He then gave me a quote for a new starter, starter cable, spark plugs(that were replaced 15k miles ago). The only supporting evidence that determined my starter needed replacement was the technician looked at the terminal and noticed corrosion. I immediately told him not to authorize work and to finish recall then i would pick up the vehicle. Upon picking up my vehicle, there was no paper work, the cashier was incredibly rude. They surprised me with a $100 bill for diag. Then when Alex finally showed up he had an attitude with like i should have known about the bill that he didnt tell me about. My experience was terrible from the service staff to the cashier. Either Golling Chrysler is completely incompetent or they are a bunch of crooks. BTW my vehicle has started flawlessly ever since the recall was preformed. Rod Branham Bought a new Jeep Compass for my wife and while the salesman, Dave was great, the rest was a disaster. My wife wanted to buy local while I usually trade at CR in Adrian. The finance guy is a total jerk and It has been 30 days now and I am still waiting on the Plate and Registration. Now 2 days ago I get told it will be 2 more weeks before we get the plate! The General Manager, Dale failed to return 3 phone calls now as did the new Car Sales Manager Dustin. I wish I could just give the Jeep back and go back to CR in Adrian that provides outstanding service and sales! Update. spoke with Bill Golling and he could care less about what happened!! AVOID this place!
UPDATE: I met with Mr Golling himself and we had a nice discussion. He listened to everything I had to say and I am confident that we could do business again. Michael Rosenberg Coming from 3 hours away to see the vehicle, accurate description of condition was critical to me. Ray described it as amazing, but dont they all right? Well, he was underselling it. The vehicle looked like it came straight from the manufacturing plant, but it had 30k miles. Not a scratch or smudge anywhere. The buying process was easy and painless. A fair price was quickly reached on the Jeep and on my trade in. The transition into the finance guys office took the normal time, and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes with him. Overall, I couldnt be more pleased with the experience and would highly recommend Golling in Chelsea if you need a new or used vehicle.

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