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Broadmoor At Chelsea Apartments Broadmoor At Chelsea Apartments

the worst experience ever! dont wish to anybody!! The worst customer service ever, especially after you commit to the agreement. A friend of mine was a month behind, so they locked his apartment took couple thousands of dollars worth of electronics and after he paid the month behind and the cancelation fee, he never got his belongings back, since they took it from him, telling him that they paid for the storage and couldn’t pay any longer so they lost it all. The owner kept on threatening the customer that he is a part of the local law firm and told the customer that he has no chance to get his belongings back. Think twice before you get into this mess!!!! The worst customer service ever! Property Manager at Broadmoor at Chelsea Apartments, responded to this review: Sorry to hear about your friend. Per, the lease agreement here, if rent is over a month past due, we do file eviction, lock the doors, and place an add in the Wichita Eagle for the belongings that are of value. If there is anything of value, that would be considered reimbursement for rent, advertising, re-leasing the place, cleaning, ect. I know the owner and he has never threatened anyone over rent. He has been in business for years and this is nothing new to him. He would not have time to harass and threaten anyone especially since we have an attorney to deal with things such as evictions. Again, this is a great place and no one has to worry about things like this as long as the rent is paid. There are always legal ways and processes to go about things and two sides to every story. There are no reviews for this property. Be the first to add a review on this property.

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